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See videos from "La Cucaracha"

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See videos from "Beyond Clave (Latin Jazz Project)

  • Beyond Clave (Latin Jazz Project):
  • Beyond Clave (Latin Jazz Project):

See videos from "Hamonia Misturata"

  • Hamonia Mesurata
  • Harmonia Mesurata
  • Harmonia Mesurata

See videos from "The Panagiotara Project"

  • Panagiotara Project
  • Panagiotara Project

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The Latin All Stars Meeting Orchestra

The Latin All Stars Meeting Orchestra is a Salsa band based in Athens (Greece) and composed by great musicians coming fom different countries in the world like Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, Italy, Greece etc… The band was created by Cuban bass player, composer and arranger Yoel Soto after directing for more than three years another succesful Salsa band called Latin All Stars of Palenque that have accompanied musicians of international fame like Alfredo De La Fe, Ray De La Paz, Jimmy Bosh, Franky Vázquez, Franky Morales, Germán Olivera, Mercado Negro Orchestra and many others. The Latin All Stars Meeting was created in May of 2010 to participate in the biggest Cuban Music event ever in Greece at Megaron Mousikis Theater, one of the most important concert halls in Greece and all over Europe. That night, the band had the honor to be part of the program byside some of the most important names in the history of Cuban music like Chucho Valdez, Arturo Sandoval and Gonzalo Rubalcaba, and where Chico Freeman, famous American Jazz saxophonist, participated as well with his Latin Jazz band named “Guataca” (Yoel was Guataca`s bass player for more than three years). After that May, The Latin All Stars Meeting Orchestra continues it’s musical adventure performing in several scenaries all over Greece and other countries in Europe.


La Cucaracha

La Cucaracha, the most outstanding Cuban band in Greece in the last years, offers a varied repertory that includes songs of the rich mosaic of the Cuban music scene that have been sang by great performers of Cuba such as: Trio Matamoros, Benny Moré and Buena Vista Social Club, as well as compositions and adaptations of well-known songs of Salsa Romántica made by Yoel Soto, musical director of the band.


The Panagiotara Project

The well known greek song “Mia mera mias Mairis” (A day of Mary) of Loukianos Kiladoinis, was the start point to join 12 singers and about 10 musicians, all women except the arranger and bass player, director of the project Yoel Soto and the percussionist Carlos Menendez. The song was adapted in spanish and was recorded at S Lab Studio by Spyros Kolaitis with the purpose to support women victims of domestic violence. The official video is published on YouTube, created by Eleni Politopoulou, Dimitris Avramopoulos and Alexis Ponce. Spread the love!!!

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Beyond Clave Project

Yoel Soto, a superb Cuban bass player but also a poet presents his new work «The Beyond Clave Project»!

The highly atmospheric approach is an important part of the recipe (jazzy sounding pop with dreamy lyrics) that characterizes much of today’s “hip” scene in Cuba. This new work is sensitive yet complex, acoustic yet groovy, simple yet masterful, gentle yet entertaining. In short, it’s first-class Cuban music of the 21st century. All this musical concept is mixed -like the most of Cuban Jazz- with the inevitable dancing music.


Harmonia Misturata

There is nothing more interesting in these modern times than to see a musical kind, a melodious-harmonic style, through the lens of another.

The “Harmonia Misturata” trio is specialized exactly in this: In the reading, through a Latin sense, of some of the most famous pieces by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and other top classical composers. Without altering the essence of the themes, these popular melodies are imbued with the Afro- Cuban tradition and they take unpredictable extensions. The corporality of the sensual rhythms that is missing form the originals (for historical and social reasons) is united here with the irresistible charm of the evergreen masterpieces. Using philosophical and aesthetical terms, the composition and the coalescence of these two worlds is like a marriage between the western “apollonian” perfectionism and the Latin “dionysian” movement-impulse. The “Harmonia Misturata” trio consisting of complete and excellent musicians materializes this idea into sound in the most ideal way. The result may move, excite, give joy the same way to a qualified specialist as to a simple music- lover with an open mind and without prejudice.


Other Projects


  • Ula Ula (Havana Mambo)
  • Havana Mambo Night (Havana Mambo)
  • El Tiro Por La Culata (Havana Express)
  • Ritmo Criminal (Tribá)
  • Io Sono il Re (Tribá – single)
  • Camminando (Tribá – single)
  • Best Of Cuba (distributed by erosmusic)
  • Waking Up (Yoel Soto)
  • Libertango (Zoe Tiganouria)
  • Live At Cubanita (distributed by Minos-EMI S.A)
  • Profundamente (Janet Kapuya)
  • Giallo Rosso Blu (Alessandro Castagneri)
  • Innocent Demons (Innocent Demons)
  • Mujer Marina (George Mandrekas)
  • Ajo (Adedeji Adetayo)
  • Deep Waters (Mingrelia)
  • 25 Anniversary – Jumbo Hits (Jumbo)
  • Tin Alithia Na Po (Philippos Pliatsikas)
  • Son My Soul (Saint-Hill colectivo)
  • Oneira Sfragizo (Eva Loukatou)
  • Rockuba (Rockuba)
  • Singularity (Vagelis Stefanopoulos – single)
  • The Panagiotara Project (Yoel Soto – single)
  • M’ Ena Sakidio Gia Synodigo (Eva Loukatou)
  • Eterna (Yoel Soto)
  • To Tragoudi Tou Odyssea (George Mandrekas)
  • Aguanile (Stavros Dadoush single)
  • Xόρεψε Μαζί Μου Μerengue (Mr. Bachata – single)
  • A Man Dreams (Dimitris Tsakas)
  • Aimata/Bloods (Jan Van de Engel)


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